Looking for a place to learn the great game of volleyball? Or perhaps you're wanting to get sharpen your skills? Look no further… our Dig-Set-Spike Course is here! Dig-Set-Spike runs for 10 weeks with a level 1 course for complete beginners or a level 2 course for those who can dig, set and spike but want to know the game better. For an hour you'll be guided by an experienced group of coaches and players, some of whom began their volleyball journey in these very courses!

There will be a free trial week at the beginning of each course (generally in week 1 of semester). You don't want to miss out on this great opportunity to put your skills to practice and make some great friends along the way! All ages and skill levels are accepted, students or non-students!

If you have any specific questions feel free to contact us at enquiry@unswvolleyball.org or via our Facebook page – UNSW Volleyball Club. Week to week updates and course times will be posted on our Facebook page and sent via email to those who have registered.

What do I need to bring?

If you’ve never played volleyball before, all you need to bring is some comfortable sports wear, non-marking runners and a water bottle. Change rooms and water fountains are on the ground floor of the UNSW Fitness and Aquatic Centre.

What level am I?

Course levels vary slightly from semester to semester depending on the general skill level of the group and how quickly they develop.

Our level 1 course will start from complete scratch and we guarantee though you might not know now what a dig or a pancake is you’ll develop a basic ability for all the elements of volleyball by the end of the course.

Our level 2 course targets those who are able to play a simple game of volleyball and want to learn more about specific positioning, rotations and of course how to hit harder, move faster and play confidently.

How much does it cost?

For UNSW students the 10 week course is approx $100. For non-UNSW students $120. There is also an option of weekly $15 payments for those who are unsure if they can make most weeks.

However, for level 1 players in particular, we do not recommend paying week to week / coming to class every couple of weeks, as they often fall behind and struggle to develop good technique having missed classes dedicated to a specific skill. Unfortunately we cannot always take the time to re-teach these skills to a specific few, in later weeks.